Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The main secret to any weight loss diet: the conclusions

Here are swings and roundabouts of "trendy" and popular diets.

As a result of a thorough analysis of well-known diets for weight loss have been made the findings outlined below.
Thus, from the pluses I found just that people who want to lose weight on popular diets (i.e., those who are accustomed to "step on their own rake") acquire experience and learn "good sense".

Cons has turned out a whole list:
- Stress to the organism, with consequences for health (especially for those who have chronic illnesses);
- When returning to the familiar image of power - rapidly gaining weight again, and often even more (the body is stored in the future to protect against such stress);
- Most consumed "diet" products do not nourish the body and fill it with new toxic fat (and not only) deposits;
- Exhaustion of the body, had gone to the maintenance of normal life and neutralize the effects of self-poisoning, as well as to restructure the balance of microflora and internal environments;
- Overloading and weakening of the functions of the excretory system of excess waste digestion.

You might ask: "What is the universal diet of Sokolov" differs from many others?
Universal Diet is a "soft" way to lose weight, which are used for the usual inhabitants of the CIS products of their diet chosen by taking into account the individual constitution of each person, as well as drinks from the grass (which is much easier to assimilate than solid food).
Plus is digestive function is normalized by special methods, and adjusted diet.
With such an approach - the body does not feel stress, and gradually begins to get rid of excess fat and toxins. As a result - losing weight is transferred easily, and the strength and health - are being strengthened.

Health and well-being you!