Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The main secret of any weight loss diet: principle

What is the effect of the most popular weight loss diets on?

Why does not everyone get results using the same weight loss diet?

In order to answer this question, let us consider briefly some features of the human body and answer related questions.
According to medical data, both ancient and modern - our body is a stable, self-adaptive and inertial system. We need stability and inertia (familiarity), to ensure that if any short-term changes in diet or daily routine - health remains stable. This kind of "insurance" against unforeseen changes in the environment it is necessary for the survival of the organism in the natural world.

In what way is it? The fact that the entire digestive tract and all other organs and systems exist in symbiosis with many kinds of microorganisms (dwells within us). In an ideal health and nutrition - only useful and necessary microorganisms inhabit inside the human. In addition, there are physical and chemical characteristics of an organism, such as: acid-base balance, fluid and electrolyte balance, etc. All these indicators have a certain degree of resistance to change. This is time changing effect and continuity (regularity), and their strength. But because our bodies - is a self-adaptive system, then the long-term exposure to it changing environmental factors and lifestyle, the body begins to adapt and get used to new conditions. Such a capability embedded in any living being, living on our planet.

Consider what happens in the transition to "diet for losing weight”.

A small digression: Here I describe the effect of weight loss that occurs with virtually any of the popular diets, most practitioners (it turns out not to lose weight on each diet, why you’ll find out more). I am not specifically examples and names, as it does not matter - how it works at all common.
So, person decides to lose weight, and selecting "diet", begins to change his (her) diet and eating rules. The whole secret of losing weight lies here! If person abruptly starts hard to eat a set of products every day, previously unusual(!) For him (her), and ideally - completely unfamiliar (e.g. exotic foods), then his body gets stronger food stress! This is tantamount to starvation, as the microflora and digestive organs (in particular - gastro-intestinal juices, bile, etc.) are not ready to assimilate the unfamiliar food! Hence, all the symptoms characteristic of deficiency: poor health, headaches, weakness, tendency to sleep, etc. The sharper the transition, the more stress and worse health.
The longer this way of nutrition, the effect of weight loss is stronger. However, most of the ingested food passes through the body in transit, not having time to digest. So, the properties of the products have very little value here. The main thing is the menu should be more unusual. That is, if for example, people do not usually eat seafood, then the seafood "diet" will give perceptible effect. Although conventional limotherapy conducted properly will give a much greater effect and more useful to the health consequences. The only difference is that when meals on "diet" people deceive taste buds and stomach - supposedly filling it with "food".
Thus, it becomes clear - why do not all get to lose weight, using one or another "diet". And the result here does not depend on "the uniqueness of weight loss" or loud shouting the name ("brand") and from the successful choice of the person who wants to lose weight. There are certainly some exceptions to the general list of known diets, but there is only few.

The findings I’ll bring the following article ...